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Special Dental Offers for 2014

The Atlanta Dental Group PC has a new dentist who just recently joined   our dental  practice, Dr. Sarah Elizabeth Johnson. Because we have a new doctor, we are accepting new patients. Not only are we accepting new patients but we are actively promoting our dental practice to help Dr. Johnson establish her new patient base and to keep her busy. Take a moment to read about our doctors by clicking here first. Dr. Bios.

To encourage and welcome new patients to the Atlanta Dental Group PC we are offering two incredible dental deals. It's your choice which one you want to accept but you can only choose one. We can't continue to offer these deals forever so there's an expiration date of December 31, 2014 for both of them. Here are your choices:

Dr. Sarah Johnson, DMD.

Dental Offer #1 $19.00

The first offer includes a digital panoramic radiograph, four digital bite-wing radiographs, several digital dental photographs, a comprehensive dental examination including an oral cancer screening, a full written treatment plan and a financial consultation, if you wish.

A dental cleaning and any other dental services are NOT included in this offer.

Dental Offer #2 $39.00

You would use option #2 if you recently had the above services.*  Dental Tray Whitening using custom made upper and lower whitening trays which are custom made from dental impressions taken in this office. After we take your impressions detailed models are constructed that duplicate your mouth. We then create precisely fitting clear trays that fit over your teeth and hold the whitening gel onto your teeth. After 7 to 14 days of soaking, most patient's teeth become significantly whiter. Also, if you keep your whitening trays, you can continue to whiten you teeth later if you have any special events where you want to smile.

Our dentist reserves the right to refuse or delay your tray whitening procedure if there are significant dental cavities. Ask about our "Whitening for Life" Program.** This offer does NOT include Zoom or any other in office whitening. As with most cosmetic procedures, a consent form must be reviewed and signed before providing tray whitening services.


This offer is limited to specific days and times during the week so that you MUST call into the office and schedule an appointment before coming in. You MUST bring the business card that has this offer printed on its back with you to your appointment to receive this deal. Please be sure to remember!

This offer is only available to new patients who have never visited the Atlanta Dental Group PC and the cost must be paid by the patient in full before services are provided. If you have any questions please call before you come into the office. If you schedule an appointment and fail to show up for any reason, you are no longer eligible for these offers. It should make sense to you that we are providing these services below cost in order to encourage you to visit our office and fall in love with us. If you fail to show up we then are forced to lose twice and unfortunately, we can not do this. Please show up when you make your appointment.

Obviously, patients must completely fill out all medical, dental and administrative forms before being seen. This is mandatory to visit this office. New patients are only eligible for one of these services, not both. 


In Georgia, all dental records are legally the property of the dentist who obtained them but patients are entitled to copies of their records. If you wish to transfer your records to another dentist, there is a $ 25.00 transfer fee. If you bring a flash drive to your first appointment, we can copy the photographs and radiographs onto your flash drive at your visit for only $ 5.00.

* Other dentist's radiographs

If you have had a recent panoramic radiograph and bite-wings or have recent full mouth radiographs, you must bring them to your visit so our dentist can read them to be sure you do not have any dental problems.

** Whitening for Life

We offer a unique service to our patients who are serious about keeping their teeth white for life. If we do a patient's tray whitening here at the Atlanta Dental Group PC and this patient returns to our office for two dental cleanings every year (which is what you are supposed to do), we will provide you a new whitening tube each year for free. How can you beat that?